Why has my item/order been cancelled?

We're really sorry if you've received an email stating that an item you ordered is no longer in stock.

Stock can move really quickly through our website and warehouse, so sometimes you can have an item in your bag that won't be available for picking when your order is being processed.

Unfortunately with standard delivery orders, we may not know that stock isn't available until your order is being packed a couple of days after your order has been placed.


Refund information for a cancelled item/order:

We will automatically refund you for a cancelled order/item if you have been charged (orders paid by PayPal)
If you have paid by debit/credit card, please note that no payment will have been taken for this cancelled order/item but will show as a pending transaction in your account which should be released by your bank in the timeframe set by them, which is usually a few days.

Please also note, the order will be charged at the cost excluding any cancelled items, although your pending charge may show the original order price.