What is Kurt Cares?

What is Kurt Cares?

Kurt Cares in Kurt Geiger’s loyalty programme where you earn points on qualifying purchases. These points allow you to move up through the levels of the programme where you can access an exclusive selection of rewards.

You will earn one point for every $10 spent on qualifying purchases

Kurt Cares is currently only available to UK and US customers.

How do I join Kurt Cares?

If you are a new customer, you can join Kurt Cares by opting in when you create an online account with us. Create your account here.

If you’ve previously shopped online and created an account you have already been enrolled into Kurt Cares. Simply sign in to your account on kurtgeiger.us and you’ll see your membership status.

If you’ve previously shopped online and checked out as a guest (not created an account), you can create one here using the same email address you’ve previously used when shopping online.

How do I know my Kurt Cares points balance and level status?

Stay up to date with your Kindness Points and rewards from the Kurt Cares dashboard in your online Account.

How do I earn Kurt Cares Kindness Points?

You will earn 1 Kindness Point for every $10 spent online at www.kurtgeiger.us or our Kurt Geiger Free Standing Stores (Coming soon to the US!). You will not earn Points on the value of any shipping, tax, duty or associated fees. Points cannot be collected from department / concession store purchases from third parties. 

Points will always be rounded up. For example a $76 purchase will qualify for 8 Kindness Points.

Earned Points will show as pending in your Account dashboard within 36 hours of placing your order. As Points are only awarded on completed purchases, Points are confirmed after 30 days, minus the value of Points for any returned items. Please note, you will not earn Points on purchases of Gift Cards.

What are Kurt Cares Rewards?

Kurt Cares Rewards are our way of rewarding you for your loyalty to Kurt Geiger. Every year we’ll choose bespoke rewards we think you’ll love, from an experience to an exclusive offer or gift. 

You can check the benefits here.

Received a reward? You can check terms of use here.

What can I do with my Points?

Your Points will allow you to graduate through the levels of the Kurt Cares programme. The higher the level, the more rewards you will receive.

What happens to my Points when I return and item or cancel and order?

If you decide to return or cancel an entire order, your pending Points for this order will not be confirmed.

If you return or cancel part of your order, the pending Points for those items will be deducted. Points for items you didn’t return will be confirmed after the 30 days returns period has passed.

When do my Points expire?

Your Points expire 12 months after they have been confirmed. For example, if you earned 50 points on an order placed on 1 September 2022, the points credited to your account on 1 October 2022, and 20 points on an order placed on 1 November 2022, with points credited to your account on 1 December 2022, then 50 points would expire on 1 October 2023 and 20 points would expire on 1 December 2023.

How long will I stay in my level?

Your level expires 12 months from the date of your upgrade. Within this 12-month period, you have the opportunity to earn enough points to remain in the level for another year, or even move up a level.

If you move up a level within that 12 months, your level expiry will be reset to 12 months from the date you entered the new level.

Why has my Points total changed?

When you return an item from your order, any points accrued for this will be deducted.

Kindness Points are not kept for the lifetime of your account. They are calculated every day and will only include successful orders within the last 12 months. This will keep your new orders for the year up to date and allow us to put you on the correct level when it renews on the anniversary.

Why have I been upgraded by a level?

When your level upgrades this means you have earned enough points in the last 12 months to qualify for the next level.

Why has my level been downgraded?

Your level for the next 12 months depends on the number of points you have earned by the date of your level expiry. If you’ve moved down by a level, it’s because you haven’t met the qualifying Points total by your level expiry date.

I think I should have more points that my account is showing, what should I do?

Stay up to date with your Kindness Points and rewards from the Kurt Cares dashboard in your online Account.

Points can only be assigned to your account if you have used the email address associated with your Kurt Cares account when placing your order online or shopping in store.

If you have done this and your points still aren’t visible as either Pending or Confirmed please contact a member of our Customer Care team at help@kurtgeiger.us

What if I want to leave the Kurt Cares programme

You can click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any Kurt Geiger email to stop hearing about Kurt Cares.

You can also choose to delete your Account by clicking here.